Advertising and Graphic Design (Traditional / Non-traditional)

  • Tri-media
  • Packaging (box, plastics, others)
  • Logo Development >>view sample work<<
  • Outdoor Advertising
    • Billboards, Lighted Signs, Arcs, Trek Lighting
    • Road Signals, Directed Signs, Streamers/ Street Banners, Neon Lighting
    • Traffic Signs, Ad Boxes, Boundary Signs, Panaflex
  • Promo Collaterals
    • Price Tags, Banners, Displays, Mobiles
    • Shelf Talkers, Streamers, Tickets, Posters
  • Literature
    • Newsletters, Brochures, Flyers, Reports
    • Leaflets, Warranty Cards
  • Jingle Production



  • Special Events Management
    We can produce the show that will bring the house down! That will make you shine! That will get everyone to remember you! We can design a variety of promotion concepts suited for your business.

    We can offer production and manpower requirements including design of the promotion and its marketing communications requirements, talents and or performers, program design, decorations, mascots and other gimmickry.
    • Corporate Affairs, Product Launches, Product Promotions, Fashion Shows
    • Trade Shows & Exhibits, Bar Runs, Award Shows, School Tours
    • Play Sponsorships, Product Demonstrations, Concerts / Musical Events, Sports Events
    • Mall based activities/Tours, Publicity generating events, Sales promotions/ Launchings
    And other events customized to fit clients needs and objectives.

  • Mall Promotions
    The retail industry is very competitive. Exciting events and creative promotions are designed to reel in potential customers.
  • Rewards Programs / Consumer Club Management
    Build customer loyalty! Reward your customer! We design rewards programs that allows you to get close to your customer via a rewards program or a club membership. We can get you started by offering a full service customer club management program and services which includes generating membership, creating customized club programs and activities and all other administrative services.
  • Promo Merchandising
    We can design and or source out premium merchandising items in relation to the promotions we design and their requirements.
    Promo Give-aways, premiums and tokens. ex. Buttons, stickers, etc.
  • Oppotunity Buys
    We are always on the look out for best mediums and events ( not designed by our agency) that can maximize our clients products and services. We call this opportunity buys OpBuys which may include: Premier Nights Fairs Concerts Special Screenings Anniversary Shows Sponsorships
  • Field Promotions
    Field Promotions that will include city-wide, regional (Visayas or Mindanao) implementation. Includes: * In-store promotions and redemption * Institutional and house-to-house selling * Product sampling * Special blitz merchandising * Consumer research and feedback We can offer production and manpower requirements including design, talents & performers, program, decorations, mascots and other gimmickry.
  • Fund Raising
    We make the general public see the worthiness of a cause. Our mission to raise funds through events.
  • Meeting Planner / Party Planner
    We like handling the myriad details involved in planning sales and promo meetings and even planning sessions. We believe the small and large details make for a successful event. We are even ready to theme your sales rally meetings. Lets make it a great party!


Marketing Support Services

  • Direct Mail Marketing
    We implement direct mail effort for promotions designed by the Agency or which is already existing and should be implemented for a regional area.
    If done through Agency, this includes idea and conceptualization (based on regional target profile), list brokerage, service fulfillment and premium item shopping. Designs of marketing communications collaterals can also be provided together with premium items.
    Other direct marketing approaches already designed for client can be implemented on a regional base.
  • Tele-Marketing Services
    Telemarketing is a specialized and very focused form of marketing. If you need to develop your customer base and show them your services are what they need, then our telemarketing services can be your information tool and even make the sale. ( limited to Cebu only)
  • Marketing Consultancy
    We provide marketing consultancy for various fields in Tourism, Entertainment and consumer products and services.
  • Mailing List Services
    Services include list maintenance, mailings, creation of lists and list brokering


Corporate Communications / Public Relations
Identify the market and well design a corporate communications program to get the message across. Our media connections in the regional areas and our innovative approach can provide the client with top hat public relations services. This guarantees great value for the client.

Association Management Services
Assist in managing the operations of an association who can not afford to hire full time staff. Duties include maintaining membership listing, mailing out information about the organization, keeping records, collecting dues and handling meetings. Optional are publishing a newsletter, handling association events and fund raisers.

Convention Management
Assist in managing the operations for a convention. Duties include management of the convention, providing secretariat services, sourcing out of give ways and management of formal convention program

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